Germa 66

Germa 66, is a paramilitary organization. The Vinsmoke Family is at the top of the organization, with Sanji’s father operating as its boss.
Germa 66 have recently joined the Big Mom Pirates, as part of a political alliance between the Charlotte and Vinsmoke Families.

As the Sanji retrieval team finally reached Big Mom’s territory, their signal was detected by underwater sea slugs and they were subsequently discovered by Germa 66’s own ship.

luffy vs lucci

Germa 66 has a large ship which resembles a Den Den Mushi, with a snail head at the front and its “shell” appearing to be a castle-like fortress. The ship has one mast at the top of the ship, which carries a large black sail with the number 66 on it. The ship appears to be at least three times as wide as the Thousand Sunny.


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  1. That is Sanji’s brother for sure…AMAZING!!!!

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