Sanji’s Elder Brothers Theory


In the last chapter we met Yonji which means 4th and Reiju which means zero. This explains the title of the chapter “0 and 4”.
Yonji has a number 4 right on his cape.


Now take a look at these 2 men seen in the last chapter fighting Sora


As you can see they have a 1 and 2 on their capes. Seems like they would be the other 2 Sanji’s brothers.


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  1. in whih chapter the 2 fighting?

  2. in which chapter the fight?

  3. Aint she number 6¿
    I think for girls there is à different way to name them

  4. Oh yeah never mind

  5. it can be just some image from ‘sora, warrior of the sea’ comic strip.

    well let’s hope those vinsmoke guy were real, not from comic.

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